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Tibetan Buddhist Prescription for Happiness

One Western Doctor's Encounter with Tibetan Buddhism

Part I: The Natural Mind:
Wisdom and Compassion Healing All Suffering

  • I: Compassionate Mind Healing Others and Oneself
  • II: The Nature of Mind

Part II: Cultivating Dignity Toward Patients Utilizing Compassion:

  • Practicing Compassion in the Medical Environment

Part III: The Practice of Meditation:

  • Unfolding the Potentials of the Mind and Correlations with the Brain
  • I: Nurturing the Mind through Meditation
    • ⅰ.Calm Abiding Meditation - Shamatha
    • ⅱ.Mind Observing Itself
    • ⅲ.Space-like Meditation of the Mind
    • ⅳ.Tong Len Meditation - Taking Suffering and Giving Happiness
  • II: Neuroscientific research at the highest level investigating meditation, compassion, and healthy states of mind.

Part IV: Q&A

  • - Life and Death
  • - Tong Len Meditation
  • - Reincarnation
  • - Compassion
  • - Emptiness
  • - Anger
  • - Sadness
  • - Doctor-Patient Relationship

Japanese Edition

Translated by Chieko Maruyama

Upcoming Schedule スケジュール

Dr. Barry's programs in Japan will start on August 6th 2011.
Please see the Upcoming Schedule for more details.


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Latest News

Science of the Mind, Buddhism and Meditation with Dr. Barry Kerzin.
Following is his teaching schedule for 2011 in Japan, USA and other parts of the world.

June 26th, LA, USA

"Meditation: Cultivating Compassion and Happiness"
Meditation: Cultivating Compassion and Happiness LECTURES & WORKSHOPS Meditation by Dr. Barry Kerzin Sunday, 06.26.11, 1-3pm The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. Dr. Kerzin will present the spiritually uplifting and intellectually challenging workshop, where he will review the positive affects meditation can have on our outlook on life and long-term health. JACCC Garden Room $20 Suggested Donation *Space limited. Reservations highly recommended. Dr. Kerzin receives no salary for this event. All donations will go towards covering expenses.
For more information or reservations call Gavin Kelley at (213) 628-2725 ext. 133

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Ven. Dr. Barry Kerzin
is a Chairman of Human Values Institute in Tokyo, Japan, since 2010.
He is a Tibetan Buddhist monk, practitioner, teacher, and medical doctor. Dr. Kerzin completed his B.A. at the University of California at Berkeley majoring in philosophy, He received his medical training at the University of Southern California,
School of Medicine. Later, Dr. Kerzin became an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was ordained as a Bikkshu by His Holiness Dalai Lama in Bodh Gaya. Illness and death were powerful influences early in his life. His own childhood life-threatening illness inspired him to become a doctor. The death of his mother and his wife early in life led him to become a monk. Dharamsala has been home for the last 22 years. Initially in Dharamsala, he taught research methodology and conducted research into the efficacy of Tibetan medicine for treating high blood pressure. For the last several years he has been privileged to participate in neuroscience meditation research with Richard Davidson, Ph.D., and Antoine Lutz, Ph.D., at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and with Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D., and Brent Field at Princeton University.Dr. Kerzin has completed many meditation retreats including a three year retreat. As a doctor, he has cared for several great lamas at the time of their death when they stayed in the clear light state for weeks after their hearts stopped and beating and lungs stopped breathing.


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Teaching VIDEO

A jouney to explore what is happenning in our heart and mind. This is a DVD to experience one of our Shikoku pilgrimages in Japan led by Dr. Barry Kerzin. He guides us to meditation step by step so that even the beginners can understand. Here is a short introduction video of the DVD.


"Inner Meditation Journey - with Dr. Barry"

Teachings from a Shikoku Pilgrimage.
-No-judgment towards ourselves and others
-Positive attitude
-Being gentle to ourselves
-Nature of the mind
-Life full of joy and Happiness
Meditation. ・・・etc.


A jouney to explore what is happenning in our heart and mind. This is a DVD from one of our Shikoku pilgrimages in Japan led by Dr. Barry Kerzin. We can learn meditation step by step with his guidance and teachings from perspectives of a medical doctor and monk.

Even the beginners can understand the basics of meditation and practice repeatedly with this DVD.

Let's follow the footsteps of Kukai 〔Kobodaishi〕and begin to practice the inner journey together.